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In this Category, updates of MEGAN, related tools and mapping files will be announced regularly. We will also announce upcoming events, conference talks and relevant publications.


Frequent questions will be listed here, including both how to solve technical problems and typical questions about standard MEGAN usage.

Bug Reports

Report Bugs of MEGAN and tools from the provided toolbox here. Please read How to report bugs before posting your bug report.


Here you can find tutorials and recipes for common use cases of MEGAN.
We will add new tutorials based on frequently asked questions.

User Questions

Before asking a question please browse through the FAQ and use the search (magnifying glas symbol on the top right) first, to ensure your question was not asked before. If not, go ahead, create a topic and describe your problem in details!

Feature Requests

MEGAN is a science-driven software, developed in close collaboration with its users. If you have a request for future features, feel free to share it here.

MALT: Megan Alignment Tool

MALT is a sequence aligner especially designed for metagenomics. When provided with MEGAN mapping files, MALT applies LCA and produces RMA6 files ready to open with MEGAN.