Can't extract reads


Hello Megan,

I am using the MEGAN Community Edition (version 6.12.6, built 15 Oct 2018) and use it to meganize DAA files created with diamond version 0.9.10. When I meganized the daa files everything workes perfect, but I can’t extract reads, MEGAN say that it have extracted the reads but no files are created. My supervisor have the same problem with that version of MEGAN.

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I have just checked, File->Extract reads works for me for the named version of MEGAN CE.

Could you send me the messages that appear in the message window.

As a work-around, use File->Export->Export Reads…


Hello Daniel,

It just say “numer of reads written: e.g.299” but no file with the

reads is created. I click on the node of the tree with the species

I want, right click and choose extract reads. Everything looks

correct in the terminal but, again, no file with reads is created.

I forgot to mention that I use the

MEGAN_Community_macos_6_12_6.dmg<>, and then meganize the DAA files with the<>.

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Please select, copy and paste the contents of the Message Window so I can see what MEGAN is reporting…