Export CSV using readName_to_taxonPathPercent missing taxonomy in MEGAN 6


Currently using MEGAN 6.11.7 community version on Mac High Sierra. As of the most recent update exporting to a .CSV using readName_to_taxonPathPercent does not export any taxonomic information, only read names. Previous version worked fine.

Work flow as follows;

Import from blast (blastN) -> select all -> export to csv (readName_to_taxonPathPercent, comma delimited)

I’ve attached the first 100 lines of blast.txt I’ve been using as well as the empty csv


RG_blast_100.txt (5.9 KB)
RG_mini_blast-2-ex.txt (3.6 KB)


Thanks for the bug report. I have just figured out what the problem is and will upload a fix soon (release 6.12.1)



I had the same problem. First with the MEGAN 6.11.7 community version but windows. I just installed the version 6.12.0 and its posible export the cvs woth readName_to_taxonPath but not _taxonPathPercent (I only get read names)



I have just uploaded 6.12.1 and readName_to_taxonPathPercent works now