Export the table from the Long read inspector

Dear MEGAN members:

I am new to this program, and I am running it to see the blastn results of my assembled contigs. Then, I found that with the Long read inspector, the table (including read, length, assignment, %cover, and #alignments) is the one I would like to export as a table. However, I tried to find how to export that, and it was in vain. I think I might missed something. Thus, could anyone help me to export this table?

Thank you for your kind help!

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It is currently not possible to export this to a file, but as a work around, use “select all” to select the all rows and then “paste” into a text editor

I have just added a new File->Export->Selection…
feature that can be used to export whatever is selected in the long read inspector to a file, it will available with the next update later this week

Release 6_12_6 has this feature

Thank you Daniel!

I will try this version as soon as possible.


Hi, Daniel:

It works with the new version. Thank you so much for the new feature!
May I suggest another possible feature for next version? On the table of the Long read inspector, maybe it will be worthy to put the identity% for the blast results correlated with the Assignment column (or the results with the highest coverage). It can be a useful feature for the users.

Thank you so much for developing this wonderful program!

Best Wishes,