Extracting reads from selected node


Hi Im trying to extract selected nodes or extract to a new document buy in both cases I get this error:

Error: Execute failed: java.io.IOException

Do you know what can I do?



Extraction of a selected node in Comparison mode failed

I got the same error when I tried to extract to new document on a comparison file, it seems that it only works for a single file each time!
It is pitty because we can’t normalize the data after extracting the sequences.


I just tested extracting reads to a new document and the feature generally seems to work fine. Please send me more details. Also, the latest release of MEGAN does support extracting reads from a comparison document.
However, please note that this is based on MEGAN accessing the original files that went into the comparison document. If those files no longer exist or have been moved, then MEGAN won’t be able extract reads from the files.