MEGAN server basics

MEGAN enables loading .rma files from the remote server,
this way you can work with data that are too big to store on your personal computer.

step 1
Go into File menu and choose Open from Sever…

step 2
The Remote Megan server dialog will open. To access our public server don’t modify the defaults:

step 3
Content of the server will appear in a separate tab. Choose the files to be loaded and hit Compare:

step 4
Choose the samples, method of comparison and hit Apply:

step 5
MEGAN will display comparison of the chosen samples:


you can find the list of samples available via the MEGANServer. They are available to be opened directly from the server in your MEGAN.

step 1
choose the samples and hit MEGAN URL button at the bottom:

step 2
copy the string thats going to appear in the pop-up window into your clipboard:

step 3
go into your MEGAN, and open Open from URL… from Files menu:

step 4
paste the URL and press OK, the MEGAN will open the .rma files from the MEGANServer

Hi Ania,

in the tutorial, when you connect with the public servers (step2 screenshot first post). It should be:

In the screenshot, its written as

Dear Etheleon,

thx a lot for spotting that,