Megan6 not working properly- Windows 10



I was able to install and run Megan6 yesterday. Today it is acting weird. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling several times and that did not help. The program stays minimized - I had to slide another program over to the right side of the screen - and in Windows 10 this gives you the option to add a second program next to it (shared view). This seemed to solve the problem. It appears it was an issue with the size of the program window - I’m not sure if this is a Microsoft issue or a Megan6 issue… I’ve attached a picture of my taskbar to show how the program was hanging (I could not get it to open full window when selecting it on taskbar).

Hope this helps someone + could maybe be looked into as a bug.



I just downloaded and installed the latest MEGAN CE release under Windows 10, with no problems…
Can you check whether there is a file called error.log in the installation directory and if so, what does it contain?