PCoA plot error


I am trying to make some PCoA analysis and I can do it when I do not select or uncollapse parts of the tree, but when I want to select a different rank (uncollapse part of the tree) it gives me an error saying: Error: PCoA calculation failed: java.lang.Exception: PCoA computation: too few positive eigenvalues.
Could anyone tell me what can I do to be able to make PCoA analysis on different ranks, selecting specific nodes?
Thank you.


Could you please show me a screen shot of your selection… This error occurs when too few nodes are selected or when there is not enough variability in the nodes. The error message suggests that the selected data is unsuitable for PCoA.


thank you Daniel. It was my mistake, the selection was wrong. Now it is working, I can change the selection and than refresh PCoA analysis.
Thank you again!
Best regards, Katarina