Problem importing BLAST files


Hi I found problems importing a BLAST file in txt format with MEGAN6. The message is: Execute failed: IOException. File not a BLASTN file in text format. The stange is that the same file is imported by MEGAN 5


Please send me the file…


blast (2.8 MB)

Here you have. Thanks Pasquale. Uploading…


The file imports just fine.
Please make sure that you set the “Format” to BlastTab and the “Mode” to BlastN in the Import from Blast dialog. At present MEGAN wrongly detects the “Format” as RDP, which is incorrect.


Thanks a lot Daniel. It works


Dear Daniel,
sorry again. It seems to work but unfortunately, when I upload the file the contigs are al unclassified


Are you sure that you used the mapping file nucl_acc2tax-Mar2018.abin for taxonomic mapping?
Available here: